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RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽
RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽
RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽
RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽
RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽
RENIOK-Crystal -Elixir-Bottle-Citrine-黃水晶能量水樽

Crystal Elixir Bottle - Citrine

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RENIOK Crystal Bottle allows you to turn your regular drinking water into crystal energy vitalised solution effortlessly in a favourable and fashionable way. Connecting to your higher consciousness and manifesting intentions have never been more straightforward. 


  • lead-free borosilicate glass

  • grade 304 stainless steel

  • natural crystal quartz

Technical details

  • bottle H245mm x W65mm

  • crystal quartz approx. H85mm x W25mm

  • holds approx. 550ml

  • total weight approx. 530g


Type: Citrine

Focus: Full of trust and joy. Shine bright like a star.

Description: Citrine is the vital and happy sunshine in the form of a crystal. It helps you to concentrate on your goals with bright and prosperous creativity, especially beneficial for workspaces and entrepreneurism.

Keywords: Creativity. Ambition. Abundance. Optimism.


  • Fragile, please handle with care. Always place the bottle on a flat and steady surface when unscrewing or cleansing.

  • Intended for water only, preferably filtered for best result. Both room temperature or refrigerated water is fine.

  • The crystal is fixed to the base of the bottle with stainless steel cords, cords can be seen partially is normal.

  • Do not use it as a replacement for any legitimate medical treatment.

  • As crystal quartz are natural, each stone may vary in size, shape and colour, product images are for reference only.

  • Please note that we are not able to issue any returns/ exchanges based on visual preferences over your crystal, also, insignificant cracks and lines are natural characteristics that might be present on your crystal.

  • For cleaning guidelines please visit our FAQ page.