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- Transparency & Disclaimer -

RENIOK are dedicated to delivering the message of healing and self-love. By creating our products, we hope the magical power of crystals are more accessible to everyone. Regardless of the difficult time, we make sure our process is detail-oriented, ethical and sustainable.


Crystals Sourcing
Our crystals are 100% natural and unique from various mines in Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas. We only use quartz that are regarded safe for use in making crystal elixir. Each crystal is hand cut and polished, that’s why they may vary in size and shape.
Product Production
From product safety, design to packaging, we work closely with our trustful manufacturing partners to strive for what is the best for our customers. We also have our own quality control team to ensure every product matches quality standards with consistency.

RENIOK is dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities of crystals in daily life. We promote alternative and personal healing practice with crystals. While crystal’s ability have been long recognised by ancient civilizations, any statements made by RENIOK come from crystal communities and personal experience. We cannot make any claims about certain effects of crystals on certain users.

It is a reminder that RENIOK products are not intended to be a legitimate medical substitute, crystal healing should be seen as a complement. We recommend seeking professional medical advice for any kinds of illness treatment, be it physical, mental or spiritual. However, we would love to recommend a Reniok Bottle/ Straw that may assist you with different personal challenges and transitions.