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Product & Instruction

How to use RENIOK Crystal Bottle?

It’s easy with 3 simple steps:

  1. Wash your bottle and make sure it’s clean and hygienic. 

  2. Fill water (preferably filtered) into your RENIOK Crystal Bottle. Both room temperature or refrigerated water is fine.

  3. Focusing on your goals and intentions while drinking. The crystal revitalised water flows into your body by every sip of it, rejuvenating and soothing you.

*DO NOT heat, microwave, add boiling water or place your bottle in the freezer to avoid damage to the gemstone and glass body.


What is RENIOK Crystal Bottle made out of?

The bottle is made of lead-free borosilicate glass, which is a healthy and safe container for drinking. Lid and  bottom are made of grade 304 stainless steel and silicon seal. There is no use of adhesive or any other material in any part of our bottle. 


How is the crystal attached to RENIOK Crystal Bottle?

The crystal is fixed to the base of the bottle by a grade 304 stainless steel cord crossing through its bottom part precisely and securely. Please note that a tiny part of the cords can be seen is normal.


Is Crystal Elixir 100% safe for drinking?

It is at our first priority to make sure we use non-toxic gemstones for drinkable elixirs. None of our stones contain lead or mercury that could release harmful substances into water.


Can I use RENIOK Crystal Bottle/ Straw for other drinks?

It is not recommended to use other kinds of drink with our bottle and straw.


How much water does RENIOK Crystal Bottle hold?

The bottle holds approximately 550ml, depending on the size of your crystal. Please remember that each crystal will vary in size and shape since it is natural and unique.


Can I purchase Crystal Quartz individually?

Yes! You can mix and match your bottle/ straw with different crystals depending on your intention and needs. But be sure to purchase only the original product from RENIOK to make sure everything can be fitted.  




Cleaning Guide

How do I clean my RENIOK Crystal Bottle?
  1. First, find a safe and flat surface when you are handling the bottle. 

  2. Unscrew all pieces apart, so you can wash them thoroughly.

  3. Hand wash the glass body, lid and base with warm soapy water.

  4. The crystal quartz can be washed by hand under freshwater.

     *DO NOT use hot water to clean your Crystal.


    How do I clean my RENIOK Crystal Straw?
    1. First, find a safe and flat surface when you are handling the straw. 

    2. Unscrew all pieces apart, so you can wash them thoroughly.

    3. Hand wash the straw with warm soapy water, you can use straw brush for inside cleaning. (Straw brush is included in straw set.)

    4. The crystal quartz can be washed by hand under freshwater.

       *DO NOT use hot water to clean your Crystal.




      Crystal Quartz

      What crystals are available from RENIOK?

      We have Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Obsidian. All six crystals are 100% safe for water infusions. We do not advise using any other gemstone to have direct contact with drinking water.


      How do I know which crystal to choose?

      Each type of Crystal has its own unique energetic properties. Click on our products to learn about their specialties.

      If you feel one resonates with you and your intention, that is the crystal for you!

      We encourage you to do your research, but most importantly, listen to your intuition on which crystal may be the best for you. Always trust and follow your inner voice. We created these products not only as a way to share crystal magic with the world but also as reminders of the power with each and every person. 


      Will my crystal look like the ones from your photos?

      Please be reminded that crystals may vary in shapes, sizes, and colors because of its natural characteristic. Pure gemstones are raw and imperfect, and therefore very powerful. They are all unique and that is the irreplaceable preciousness of crystal. Let’s embrace the inconsistencies and individuality of each piece!

      Please note that we can not make any exchanges based on visual preferences over your crystal. Cracks and lines are also a natural occurrence and may be present on your crystal.


      Why should I cleanse and charge my crystal?

      Crystals will absorb both positive and negative energies. The negative energy can accumulate over time and affect the effectiveness of your crystal. Therefore, It is crucial to cleanse and charge your crystals from time to time, we suggest once every 2-3 months.

      In order to eliminate different energies from others during the production and delivery process, it is also recommended to clean and charge your crystals when you first receive your crystal.


      How do I charge my crystals?

      Although it is totally up to your personal preference on charging crystal, here are some common ways of doing it. Choose one that you think is suitable for you.

      By Water - Soak crystals in salt water. Mixing a tablespoon of sea salt into a bowl of tap water (sea salt for bathing is recommended). Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and allow it to soak for a few hours to a few days. Rinse it and pat dry to complete.

      By Moon - We love cleansing and charging our crystals by placing it under a moonlit sky overnight. Place crystals directly on the ground or any natural surface. 

      By Sun - You can also place crystals in sunlight. But keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight will slowly fade Amethyst, so try not to leave your Amethyst in strong sun for more than an hour or so.

      For questions regarding Crystal Elixir, please go to About Crystal Quartz for detailed explanation.



      Shipping & Policy

      Do you ship internationally?

      Yes! We ship worldwide.


      Can I refund or exchange?

      NO cancellations, returns, or exchanges are accepted once an order has been placed.

      For more details, please go to returns/exchanges.


      How much will shipping cost?

      For more details, please go to shipping.


      What is the estimated delivery time?

      Orders are typically dispatched within 5-7 business days after they are placed.

      Estimated delivery time depends on the area you are in and the carrier you have chosen.  

      For more details, please go to shipping.




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